Happy Mouth Bits
Gentler Bits
for a Happier Horse

The Unique Apple Scent encourages horses to accept the bit and the space age polymer provides for a gentler bit for a happier horse.

Happy Mouth Horse Bit

Horse Bits from
Happy Mouth Bits ®

Discover our large range of horse bits to suit your needs, no matter your equestrian discipline. With snaffle bits, gag bits, kimberwicks, pelhams, dressage weymouths, hackamore bits, english and even western bits, there is sure to be a Happy Mouth Bit that is perfect for your horse or pony.

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Original Bits

Original Bits

Re-engineered with apple-scented space-age polymer-covered mouthpieces.
Contour Bits

Contour Bits

The ultimate in confort-curved mouthpiece design reduces pinching in the mouth.
Copper Roller Bits

Copper Roller Bits

Copper encourages horses to salivate and keep a moist mouth.

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